Henry Tench

Summary and Comments on 'Practical significance of the kinetics of heterotrophic oxidation and endogenous respiration in activated sludge plants'

Summary: Sludge Activity and the Activated Sludge Process (pdf)

Some Effects of Oxygen Limitation on the Kinetics of the Activated Sludge Process (pdf)

Summary: The Effect Of Compartmentalization On Power Consumption In The Activated Sludge Process (pdf)

Evidence for a Radical Theory of Heterotrophic Kinetics in the Activated Sludge Process (pdf)

Abstract: The Application of Enzyme Kinetics to Activated Sludge Research (pdf)

A Review of Recent Activated Sludge Research at Manchester (pdf - 76Mb) - This paper was published in J. Inst. Swge. Purif. 1959, (4), 425-435 and includes descriptions of the three mechanical aeration plants on the sludges from which the experiments on Michaelis-Menten enzyme kinetics and sludge activity were conducted as described in the papers above.

Application of Theoretical Principles to Activated Sludge Plant Operation (pdf)

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